Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Redcurrant, Blackberry, Bilberry... The quest for quality
from garden to table is an essential aspect
of our undertaking
to provide healthy and tasty food in
a living and protected environment.

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We settled in 1982 au in the heart of the Ariège Pyrénées, in Douach, an abandoned farm at 550m altitude.

Brambles had invaded the land and ivy had taken over the buildings…Rolling up our sleeves, we cleared and renovated to uncover a mini paradise which we have been cultivating ever since.

Thus it was that, nature-lovers as we were, we followed the principles of organic gardening from the start and soon after that biodynamic principles as well…

Bit by bit we planted up this uncultivated terrain with fruit trees and soft fruit bushes of many varieties. We rescued old abandoned trees and we also took grafts from them thus saving their varieties for the future.

To enrich our work and our understanding we read and experimented on the land. Agricultural studies complemented our approach and gave us a global vision : agronomics, ecology and interpretation of landscape are all to grist to our mill.

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We have now developed a successful technique which respects life and is, at the same time, adapted to the steep and difficult terrain that we work on. . It is by being in touch with this land, its rhythms and its spirits that we go forward together.

At present we cultivate five hectares which includes orchards open to the wind, plantations of soft fruits and of vegetables, and hay meadows.

We have chosen to go further and transform our cultivated fruits ourselves.

The provision of quality at every stage is essential for us. We appreciate good quality food and we have inquiring minds. So it is that we have developed recipes which continue the tradition of good food with health food standards.

This is also why we offer a wide range of flavours where you can be sure to find the true taste of fruit as well as the subtle and enhanced qualities of cooked fruit.

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Following our success, we could have evolved towards a semi-industrial outfit : this in order to produce more at less cost in using bought fruits.

However we continue with the way we created . Although the methods which we use are more challenging, being at the mercy of climatic hazards, we prefer this way because it enables us to maintain our high standards from cultivation to bottling and preserving. In this way, we are able to offer our discerning customers an authentic concept.

Thus, it is with our know-how, our perfectly adapted equipment and premises, our energy, and our principles that we are able to keep abreast of the organic industries and of the conventional agriculture. This allows us to continue in the long term to offer our « gourmet » recipes to bring pleasure to the palate and health to the earth.

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