Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Redcurrant, Blackberry, Bilberry...

We employ agricultural methods which respect the environment. Our fruits and vegetables are transformed into select foods. As a result we have obtained :

- The label for organic agriculture from the time that the European Norm 45011 was established.

- The recommendation of " Nature et Progrés " since 1987.

- The " Demeter " trademark from the time we converted to biodynamic agriculture in 1989.


All our products are guaranteed 100% organic.

In order to have the organic or biodynamic logos it necessary to respect certain criteria laid down by law.

In this way abuse of the term organic is avoided and certification of quality is guaranteed.

The criteria for a organic agriculture are as follows:

- Application of the European specifications for organic agriculture whereby the use of chemical or synthetic products are strictly forbidden in the production or processing of crops.

- G M O's are forbidden.

- A check-up is carried out at least once a year by an independent body responsible for control and certification, and registration with the " Direction Départementale de l' Agriculture ".

- Pay for the right to use the trademark A B ( organic agriculture).

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As regards biodynamic agriculture(Demeter):

- Application of the specifications for biodynamic agriculture which are more complex and demanding.

- Pay for the right to use the trademark Demeter.

We also use the methods of mountain farming. This means that the fruits and vegetables which we process are for the most part cultivated at the domain or gathered in wild places far from all sources of pollution. We have five hectares of land which is too steep to be mechanised and so is worked manually (on a human scale).

Finally, we use only fruit which is in season, just harvested and tasty. We have selected the varieties with the best flavours and all our fruits are destined to give you the " Gourmandises du Pays du Goût-Doux " .

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